Membership promote sisterhood and values the differences in each individual by offering knowledge, encouragement and friendship.   One of the great benefits of joining Women of Colors is connecting with others.  WOC offers numerous opportunities and various ways for you to connect and network.  Monthly regular meetings are held to include a variety of speakers and educational topics of interest.  Opportunities are available to build new friendships and to personally empower members.  Collaborate with schools, churches, agencies, and other organizations to provide various resources to assist children, women, and need.

Empowering Women

It's a pleasure to volunteer my time and be involved in the community where I was born and raised. I am also honored and privileged to have been one of the many women that helped WOC sustain for over 22 years. I have seen the results with hard work and dedication that makes a real difference in people's lives. I'm passionate about the importance of mentoring programs to foster personal and professional growth.  

During the many economical challenges that society has caused, many other organizations are no longer in business. We have managed to excel in providing educational support services in the Great Lakes Bay Region to help women, children and families. The continued growth of WOC is also directly attributable to continued community 

support, great volunteers and sponsors.


WOC embrace and supports the dreams and aspirations, struggles and differences for women of all ages.

Women of Colors

Membership Affiliations

  • Michigan Nonprofit Association
  • Saginaw County Health Dept. (FYI)
  • Community That Cares
  • Saginaw Chamber of Commerce
  • Saginaw Community Foundation
  • The Hearth Home
  • Center of Hope
  • SVRC Industries/Learn To Earn Academy
  • Michigan State University 4H
  • First Ward Community Center
  • SVRC/Learn To Earn Academy

Project Initiatives

  • Est. first "Mothers Against Crime March
  • WOC Scholarship
  • GEMS Parent Committee
  • Adopt-A-Park (Ojibway Island Pavilion)
  • Aerobic classes for disadvantaged women
  • Book bags and school supplies collection for disadvantaged student or students who made significant progress.
  • Sister friends for pregnant moms in need of direction and emotional support.
  • GEMS Bi-Annual Awards Banquet
  • HIV/AIDS Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • HIV/AIDS Annual Walk-A-Thon
  • Arson Watch Participant
  • WOC Book Club
  • Sickle Cell Walk-A-Thon
  • American Breast Cancer Walk-A-Thon
  • Annual Warm A Child For Winter
  • ​Annual Community Leadership Awards Banquet

All you need is the desire to do more and a willingness to move forward with a group of diverse women from different backgrounds.  WOC's concentration is targeted toward supporting issues that concern the Saginaw community. Members have an opportunity to receive training, attend educational meetings, volunteer, mentor, work with parents, support and guide the organization as we strive to achieve our mission. 

Women of Colors, Inc. established Great Empowering Motivational Sessions (GEMS) divided between three youth mentoring programs and mobile mentoring as listed below:

Girl Pride

Sugar & Spice

Young Men Who Dare

Student & Future Technology (SAFT)

Mobile Mentoring at Various Sites

Parent Support Group

SVRC/Learn To Earn Academy

Since 1998, WOC members have volunteered countless hours to plan, facilitate, and mentor youth. Participants can learn etiquette skills, team work, community service, and much more.

Volunteering In Saginaw

Women of Colors (WOC) is an independent nonprofit organization with 501 (c) 3 status that has been an active community partner with uninterruptive service since inception in 1993. We are dedicated

​WOC takes pride in womanhood individually and collectively and we care about the development of the Great Lakes Bay Region.  Together we work to help children, women, and families.  WOC is funded with grants, fundraising, donations, membership dues, and in- kind services.

​WOC mission strives to promote multi-cultural diversity and enhance community relations in the Great Lakes Bay Region by performing empowering women, community service, mentoring youth, and collaborating with other organizations.

Evelyn Wooten McGovern