• Anti-Bullying
  • Bi-Annual Awards Banquet​
  • CAN Council’s “Baby Think It Over” 
  • College Preparation 
  • Creative Cooking
  • Employment Preparation  
  • Etiquette Classes (Table & Eating, Phone, Dress Attire, Etc.)
  • Helping Hand Food Drive w/ The Hearth Home
  • Holly Ski Resort –  Holly, MI 
  • Peer Pressure and Self Esteem
  • Sexual Awareness (abstinence & disease prevention) 
  • and much more ……………….

Who Is Girl Pride? 

Girl Pride Sessions & Activities

Gril Pride

Girl Pride was established in 1998 to help at risk girls become positive peer role models and leaders.  Participants are exposed to new and exciting experiences to help enhance their womanhood.  WOC in collaboration with community leaders, organizations, schools and other agencies work to provide quality sessions each month. During meetings educational materials are provided on important subjects.​

Each session is designed to create awareness of and stimulate self-esteem and self-respect while discouraging negative behavior.  WOC volunteers, community leaders, and professionals provide insight on specific issues of concern.

Session topics are reviewed regularly and adjusted to include necessary subjects.  Community service will be an important part of each participant's individual growth and community awareness.

Participant's have an opportunity to develop the qualities and skills that make a successful young lady.  The programs are designed to inspire and empower participant's to discover their own individual uniqueness.