We are young men of the future

We dare to be different by preparing ourselves with education

We dare to respect our elders

We dare to love our parents
We dare to face obstacles placed in our path
We dare to just say no
We dare to be mature to handle adversity
We dare to never fail, never fall short
We dare to learn from our past, give to the present and to prepare for the future
​We dare to be responsible for our own destiny 

​We are the YOUNG MEN WHO DARE to be the men of tomorrow. 

  • To motivate boys to complete high school
  • Avoid gang activity
  • Increase opportunities for young men to be successful 
  • Create special incentives to improve future expectations
  • Young men must be willing to learn and have a desire to serve others
  • Identify and nurture young men to be future leaders and peer role models

The program curriculum will include community service activities, good mannerism, social skills, greeting skills, hygiene, table etiquette, wearing clothes properly, and more.

Women of Colors are challenging more men to step up and be role models for our YOUNG MEN.

YMWD Mission Statement

To teach young men life skills to positively impact their attitudes and empower them to become men who have a passion to succeed.

Who Is Young Men Who Dare (YMWD)?

Program Objectives: 


Young Man Who Dare

Young Men Who Dare


The program purpose is to decrease self-destruction caused by truancy, crime, drug use, and teenage parenthood.  We want to teach young men to be self-sufficient and take personal responsibility for their behavior and prepare them for life challenges.

This program was developed for younger boy’s ages 6-12 years old who wish to escape the present and future plans that society has dealt them due to their popular culture.  YMWD will learn to take pride in themselves and interact with the other GEMS programs for selected sessions and group activities.

A male advisory board manage and facilitate educational monthly sessions to help build young men self-esteem, deal with peer pressure, social and life skills.  In collaborations with adult youth mentors, community leaders, and professionals the quality of life is improved for young men who are committed to this program. YMWD will be encouraged and challenged to be the best at whatever they have to deal with on their journey into adult manhood.